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As everything around us continues to be on demand, CanZell Realty is assisting agents and brokers at any stage, to grow and earn more money NOW!

Our 100% NOW PLAN was designed to keep your real estate business in the green and give you the flexibility you need as you grow.

Keep 100% of your commission on DAY 1 with no annual cap.

All you pay is $495 transaction fee + $100 Broker Fee per transaction.

Upgrade plans when you are ready.

100% now plan & revenue plan

Can I Switch Plans?

It is a $200 fee every time you switch plans.

You can upgrade to the Revenue Share plan when you are ready.

If you switch from the Revenue Share Plan to the 100% Now Plan, you lose all vested ownership stock and you will be removed from your downline tree. If you decide to switch back to this plan, you will have to start your downline over again.

*Any agent new to CanZell can choose the Rev Share or 100% Now Plan. If you are a current agent with CanZell, you may downgrade to the 100% now plan on May 1st of each year. You can upgrade to the Rev Share plan at any time. 


Can a Brand new agent be on the 100% now plan?

No, this plan is only for seasoned agents who have completed more than 4 transactions.

Once an agent has completed 4 transactions with a mentor they are then able to move to the 100% Now Plan.


What happens to my shares if i switch from the revenue share plan to the 100% now plan?

Any shares that you have vested (meaning you have had them for the 3 year vesting period) are yours and will remain your stocks. 

Any shares that have not vested, you will lose and they will go back to the company. 

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