It’s a huge dream of SO many agents to own their very own brokerage. Often, agents will take this leap of faith and realize that it isn’t exactly what they thought that it would be.

20 Reasons


Say Goodbye to Costly Overhead

There’s no brick and mortar office unless you want one. And we pay for Regus! Our partnership gets you access to over 1,000 business lounges across the country. At CanZell, you only need a laptop, Wi-Fi and a mobile phone to conduct business. If you already have an office, you are welcome to keep it! There’s absolutely no overhead, and you’ll save TONS of money!

No High Risks or Liabilities

Unlike other brokerages that have one broker for hundreds of agents, CanZell has local brokers in every territory and a principal broker in every state. Our brokers only have a certain number of agents so that they’re never overwhelmed. This way, there will always be someone there to answer any questions and offer you support.

Keep Your Own Name and Branding!

Yes! That’s right – you can join and keep your own branding, just powered by CanZell! For example, if you’ve branded yourself as “Sally Sue South Branch Real Estate” you can continue utilizing it and be powered by an awesome company!

Cloud Based Platform with Single Sign on

We have two ways to connect on a cloud-based platform. The CanZell portal is a one-stop-shop that gets you to everything you could possibly need. Access to all technology and resources are all in one place!

Technology Tools at NO COST

We have NO technology fees. You don’t pay ANYTHING for back
office tools including: KV Core, Listhub, Brokermint, SkySlope,
and Microsoft! We advertise your listings for FREE; we even pay extra
to have them posted on Listhub Global.

Real Live People for Admin and Support

Some brokerages just have avatars for support who are difficult to
reach. We have admin who are easily accessible on multiple platforms. Any issue you have will be handled immediately by a REAL person!

Marketing: We’ve Got You Covered!

Easily create self-branded marketing material in minutes with your picture, name, phone number and more! We provide FREE marketing for your listings with our “just listed” cards and create professional agent recognition graphics – such as: Congratulations on your closing, top agent reports, top listing agent reports and more at no cost.

Training: Canzell University

We have tons of courses and recording that are taught by our top producers, who are called influencers. These are great resources so you’ll finally be able to focus on what you want to focus on! We also provide 1 on 1 coaching from Circle Leaders. We will either pay you to be a circle leader or pay someone to be a circle leader for you! It’s YOUR choice! This is a great opportunity for FREE coaching!

Revenue Share

At CanZell Realty, you have the opportunity to unlock up to 85% of company dollar in additional revenue just by attracting producing agents to the company. Our revenue share program is multi-level with no limit to the amount you can earn from building a successful “team.” This is way better than profit sharing which is based on the profit of the organization!


We will make sure that your 1099 is provided to you at the end of the year for taxes.

Ownership Stock

At CanZell, we believe in building wealth for our agents by offering multiple revenue streams and competitive compensation plans. When you join the company, after your first closing, you receive $250 in Ownership Stock! Everytime you sponsor an agent and they have their first closing, you get $250 in Ownership Stock! Also, when you cap, you get $4k back in stock!

Don’t Be Limited by Territories

At CanZell, there’s no such thing as a territory. You are able to expand as much as you like, as far as you’d like and collaborate with agents from all over the country. There are no additional costs for working outside of your territory – and it gives you room for so much development and different perspectives.

Personal Dashboard

You will have your very own personal dashboard that will keep track of your transactions, commissions, stock, revenue share and SO much more! All in one place and personalized specifically to you.

Health Insurance

You will have access to the most innovative and low cost health insurance options through CanZell. This will give you a huge peace of mind while helping you avoid the costs of what’s out on the market!

Lead Generation

At CanZell, you’ll always have access to amazing leads! Through KV Core – leads can be bought for $5-$15. There are also tons of referral opportunities since we have agents in every state and we’re always communicating!

No Costly Fees

Unlike other brokerages with expensive technology, operating and royalty fees, we have none! Since we don’t have brick and mortar offices, we’re able to save money and invest in the technology and resources so that they’re available and free to our agents.

Commissions Processed Same Day

We process all commissions the same day that you turn in your commission form online. You get paid the very next day. We also have the ability to pay agents at closing depending on the state. Small brokerages must wait to pay the agents out until they have the funds—with CanZell, you can get paid the day of or the very next day!

Easily Attract More Agents

It is easy to recruit agents with so many tools to offer them like revenue share, stocks, retirement, coaching and MORE! You’ll save so much time and effort since these resources are provided to you for FREE! Get paid for attracting agents effortlessly!

National Speakers and Coaching

CanZell provides tons of opportunities to tune into well known national speakers to provide coaching to you and agents you attract. This allows brokers to spend more time on agent development and provides tons of insight on how to build your business for FREE.

Local Brokers Handling Compliance

We have local brokers to handle compliance for you OR you can get paid as a local broker.

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