Hungry for your Business

I hope I am not being a pest 🙂 but I am super hungry for your business…can I come by and see if I can give you a really close assessment of your home obligation …it’s always good to know what your home is worth in this market?

Couples of Home

I have a couple homes that I think might be perfect for you to look at . Just came on the market ! Are you available today to look at them or this weekend?

Interest Rates Dropping

The market is heating up because interest rates just dropped below 6 % …I have a few buyers looking in your area to buy your house…if you could get more than you wanted for selling your house would you consider selling? Can I come by this week to tell you what we could get for it?

Life is Busy

I know life is busy… If I don’t hear back from you, I'll call you back tomorrow. Now that the market has shifted… It’s so much easier for me to get buyers under contract! Buyers were so frustrated before and now it’s their time to shine!

Hungry for Your Business

I know you were recently looking for houses… and a bunch of people have probably reached out to you…. but I am hungry for your business! Do mornings or afternoons work better?

What’d You Love?

I love the property you just asked about! I might even have some similar ones! But curious... What is it you love most about this one?

Investor or Residential?

I saw you looking on my website for houses… Were you just looking or are you an investor? LMK??

Best Door Knocking Script

Hi my name is Joseph from Canzell Realty. I have a house down the street that I just listed. Just curious, Of all of the neighbors who live in the neighborhood,  who do you know that would be next to sell?

Do you have any friends or relatives that would want to live in the neighborhood?

How long have you lived here in this house?

Let me ask you have you thought about selling anytime soon?

Even if you aren’t looking to sell anytime soon it’s really important to know what houses are selling for in your neighborhood .

Can I get your phone # or email so I can send you’re a free CMA so you can send you comparables?

Best Way to Get In-touch

Thanks for reaching out to me about that property! Just curious…. What's the best way to get in-touch with you? Do you prefer text, email, or phone calls?


I am so excited that you reached out! We are going to love working together!

Can we do a quick 5-min call to get to know each other? Let's see if I can be the MATCHMAKER for you and your perfect home? 💜🏠

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