Cap Deferment Plan

Let’s look at an example: An agent joins CanZell on May 20th. They were capped at the previous brokerage until November 1st. This is what their dates would look like:
Join Date
May 20th
Anniversary Date
June 1st
Cap Reset Date
November 1st

The Cap Deferment will start on May 20th and will end on October 31st. The agent’s Company Dollar requirement will reset annually on November 1st.

Requirements for Approval

To be considered for a Cap Deferment, agents must:



Can I apply for a Cap Deferment if there was no cap at my previous brokerage?
No, a Cap Deferment is only for agents that have capped at their current brokerage.

Does CanZell offer brokerage or team Cap Deferments for their agents?
Yes, but each agent must qualify individually to apply.

Will the Capped Status Transaction Fees paid during my Cap Deferment Period count toward my individual Influencer cap requirement?
No, they will not. Once the Cap Deferment Period ends (at the agent’s Cap Reset Date, as explained above), the agent will begin paying Company Dollar as outlined in the ICA, and the standard 80/20 commission split will begin. You will still pay the transaction fee and broker review fee while in capped/cap deferred status. 

Will my sponsor and upline receive revenue share during my Cap Deferment period?
Your sponsor and upline will not receive revenue share from your production during the Cap Deferment period.

Revenue share is based on Company Dollar. Since you will not be paying Company Dollar during the Cap Deferment period, your sponsor and upline will not receive revenue share based on your production.

However, any producing agents that you have attracted, that are paying Company Dollar, will result in revenue
share for you and your upline.

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