We know things are rough right now!  Do you know a great agent who should join CanZell? Your referrals are our greatest compliment, and we want to say “Thank You”! As a way of showing our appreciation, we are offering a limited-time opportunity for our agents to Cap for a whole year! 

We are offering the CAP for a year Referral Program for a limited-time to CanZell agents who refer and sponsor four agents* who join CanZell. They will qualify to be capped for a year. This referral program does not replace the current stock incentive for sponsored agents.  You will still get $250 dollars in stock for each producing agent you sponsor when they have their first closing! You will not be eligible for the additional $4,000 or $14,000 in ownership stock during your free cap year.

How does it work?

Simple. Refer four agents* who join Canzell by the end of January 2023 and become capped for one whole year!   This is in addition to the stock grants you currently earn for referring them.

Those 4 agents must stay with the firm for 1 year in order for you to remain eligible. Also, you have to be their direct sponsor, and them in your level one, for them to count towards your agents sponsored for this promotion. 


Exclusive Incentive only offered to our CanZell agents ! 

For more information email [email protected]

Let’s get you started today!

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