Pay as little as $4,000 NET dollars to the company!

Our Commission Plan

A hassle-free commission plan where you can earn 100% commission. 

100% Commission When You Cap

$14,000 Cap

Commercial Agents pay $14,000 in company dollar as their cap. Once they cap, they collect 100% of their commission for the reminder of their anniversary year.

No Hidden Fees

They're all right here:
Monthly Tech FeesNone! All tech is included for being an agent at CR!
Monthly E&O FeeThere is a monthly E&O fee of $50. This is collected the first of every month.
Brokerage FeeThere is a 5% brokerage fee on all transactions until you cap. Once you cap, there is no brokerage fee.
Annual FeeNone! There is no annual fee!
Selling Personal Real EstateAgents only pay a $395 Transaction Management Fee when buying or selling property in which they are on the title. They can do this up to 4 transactions each year in which they keep 100% of the ENTIRE commission.
Initial Onboarding FeesAgents pay an initial onboarding fee of $100 when they join. As part of their onboarding fee, they get an email address with access to the Microsoft online suite, login to all training, access to the internal site as well as a kvCORE website.

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