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Virtual Company 1Virtual Company 2Virtual Company 3CANZELL
Revenue ShareExpansive revenue share up to 45% company dollar
Stock OptionsVery Little$4k back for cappers $10k back for influencers
Technology ToolsLimitedCustom built websites, scheduling software, on-demand training, accounting, custom marketing & more
No Tech Fees$80$500/yr$50-$100$0 (Only fee is $50 E/O Ins.)
Local Broker to YouLocal brokers to you, not just one for the state
Mentoring & CoachingOne-on-one or on-demand
Leads & Call CenterReceive referrals from our call center
Donation on Every Transaction10 for 10 causes at NO cost to the agent
Transaction CoordinatorCorporate quality assurance, robust paperless management software, and a $200 transaction manager credit at each closing
Health InsuranceGreat rates on medical, dental and vision
True 100% Cap$250 per Transaction Plus Broker Fee$450/$99 Per TransactionA true fixed CAP - Keep 100% of your commissions!
Nationwide Cap16k$7.740 (30 Transactions)Nationwide CAP regardless of avg. sale price - only $4k net to company
1/4 Cap for Teams1/4 CAP for teams closing 100 or more transactions
No Desk FeesProfessional cowork spaces to meet with clients when needed
Additional Revenue as a LeaderEarn up to 8% as a Circle Leader, a Managing Partner, and/or Managing Broker
Additional Revenue as a MentorEarn 25% of net commission for every new agent that you personally mentor
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