Additional FAQ Page.

The team leader will pay $14,000 in cap each year. 

Team Members pay a reduced cap of $3500.

You can earn $9,100 a year from each downline.

Your sponsor can not be changed unless you leave the company for over 180 days.

You can find the training calendar on 

We have live trainings every Tuesday at 12:00 pm EST with a national speaker who teaches our agents how to increase their production. We also have live and on-demand classes each day, which can be found on

Once you sign your agreement for Regus, you will be sent an invitation from Regus to sign up for your account. It will have you download an app on your phone, and this is where you can book any services you need or look for locations for co-working spaces near you. 

Paid CANZELL Realty annual cap AND Close 30 transactions, and teach 1 class per month either via panel or a class that you create yourself.

In Canzell portal, click the clearwater benefits, we have a partnership! You will fill out the info to speak with a rep. 

The 15th of the following month! Example: If your stock is awarded on January 6th, your stock would be transferred into OptionTrax on or about February 15th

Level 1 Producing Agent 

My L1PA Agents: The total number of ACTIVE agents sponsored on your tier 1, husband-wife teams count as 1 spot. To be active, the agent must have done either 2 transactions or $5,000 in gross commission income in the last 6 months. (This is the number that goes towards unlocking tiers 4 and 5. Tiers 2 and 3 automatically are unlocked.

No. Just $50 per month for E&O Insurance that covers the entire country!

Yes, but the must close 4 transactions with CanZell Realty before they can qualify for no commission. As an agent, they are able to buy or sell 4 transactions per year and the $395 flat fee is still required. In order to qualify, the agent must be on the title or loan. 

Once your stock is vested, you may do with it what you like.

By the 15th of the month.

A freshly licensed agent with no experience.

Mentorship will not be waived for any agent that has not completed 4 transactions in their lifetime.  Mentorship can be waived for agents who have closed more than 4 in their lifetime, but must be approved by their broker. For example: if an agent has closed 3 transactions per year over the last 5 years, a total of 15 transactions, they may choose to opt out.  This is a case by case basis: however; within their lifetime, if they have not done 4 transactions, mentorship can not be waived and a mentor is required. 

Currently, the stock is valued at $1.00 per share. 

The vesting period is 3 years. 

Yes. You cap and close 30+ transactions and teach one class per month. 

We use Facebook Groups, Slack, email, phone and zoom. We prefer Facebook and Slack, so we can make sure the agents are getting a quick and timely answer.

Mentors get 25% of agents 80% on their first 4 transactions. Mentor is very involved in the process, reviewing contracts, training, helping with client meetings, answer all questions for the agents. 

They can – both would just have to pay a full cap (or half cap if they form a team), if they choose to not share a cap.

No – everyone qualifies for base level revenue share. Only qualifications are for unlocking higher payouts.

You can have your own. When you do, you get $200 back at closing to help pay them 😊.

We have a weekly National Call at 12pm EST noon, and live training and webinars available on

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