Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here at CANZELL, the offerings are so great they can be overwhelming.

Whether you are already with CANZELL or thinking about joining the family, we’re going to answer the questions you have about us.

Commission Splits & Fees

Commission Advances

CanZell Realty does not directly provide commission advances, but agents may pursue them through the following steps:

1. Written approval from the State Broker is required before obtaining any commission advance.

2. Agents must upload the listing file (including an accepted purchase and sale contract) or the transaction file to Brokermint and receive approval from State broker before signing any advance agreement.

3. Only 70% of the net commission owed to the agent may be received by the agent as a commission advance.
Under exceptional situations, exceptions to this general rule may be made on a case-by-case basis at Canzell’s entire and absolute discretion.

4. Agents can receive multiple commission advances, but the total outstanding advances cannot exceed $20,000 at any time.

5. A service charge of $200 will apply to advances obtained from a commission advance company.

What is the commission split at CanZell?

Every agent at CanZell Realty has a split of 80/20 until their cap is met.

This applies to commissions, finders fees, commercial leases and BPOs. 

There is a $100 Broker Review and Risk Management Fee on each file that closes. 

*Any referral fee, BPO or rental/lease fee, less than $1000 will be exempt from the $100 broker review fee.

Can every agent do BPOs and Commercial Sales and Leases?

As long as your license allows it you can complete BPOs. Most BPO agencies require you to meet a certain criteria in order to perform BPOs for them. When the fee comes in for the BPO, it is exempt from the $100 broker review fee, but you will process it at an 80/20 split always if under the $1000 threshold. 

All agents are allowed to do commercial sales and leases as long as they are either certified to do commercial real estate OR have previous experience in commercial real estate. When a lease is paid (typically in multiple installments), it will be treated just as a rental/lease fee is paid above. 

Is there a commission cap?
Yes, CanZell Realty agents cap when they pay $14,000 to the company. So, if you earn $70,000+ in gross commission (GCI) you should reach your commission cap each year. Reduced caps are available for teams at CanZell Realty.
How do caps work at Canzell - Prefer to watch a video? Check it out here:
What are the caps for teams?

If you are a team, closing 50 transactions or more in a year, your team members will pay a quarter cap of $3,500. The team leader will pay a full cap. Any team member on a reduced cap is not eligible for capping or influencer stock rewards. They are still eligible for the $250 in stock rewards when they have their first closing. 

Are there Cap Deferment Programs if I've already capped before joining?

Yes! Check out our Videos on Cap Deferment Programs:

Can I put a different transaction coordinator on the commission form and the company pay them?

We pay the agent back the $200 and they pay their transaction coordinator directly. If you want to pay a TC who is a licensed agent with us, you just make note of that on your commission form and we will pay them directly. If you want to pay a TC who is not a licensed agent with CanZell, we will pay you the $200 and you can pay your TC whoever you like, and what your state will allow.

If you want to pay your transaction coordinator more than $200.  you can. We reimburse you $200 to use toward whatever transaction coordination fees you like.

What is the $195 Transaction Fee Paid by the Client? (YOU CAN MAKE $200)

95% of our agents never pay a transaction fee, they actually make $200 on every transaction. Watch this video. The $195 transaction fee is really a quality control fee. If you want full transaction coordination, it’s the $195 + $200 for the full transaction, but this is paid by the CLIENT.

The $395 is really the $195 + $200 for the transaction coordination service we offer. The $395 is a CLIENT paid transaction fee. If for some reason your client does not pay the $395, we will deduct the $395 from the agent side of the commission. We have transaction coordinators that take careful transaction coordination, if you’d like to take advantage of that. We collect this fee from each transaction closed. If you represent both a buyer and a seller, each side will have a $395 collected. 

If you have your own transaction coordinator or you want to do your own transaction coordination, YOU will receive $200 back at closing for doing your own transaction coordination. If the client doesn’t pay the transaction fee but you coordinate the transaction, it’s $395 out of your side of the commission, but then we credit back $200 for you coordinating the transaction, so it’s really only a $195 fee out of your commission. 

In summary, the CLIENT pays a $395 transaction fee for quality control and transaction coordination. If you coordinate your own transaction, we will credit you back $200 per closing; meaning, you actually make $200 to either pay a transaction coordinator, or pay yourself for doing transaction coordination. 

*Note: We do not charge a transaction fee on BPO’s, Finder’s/Lessee Fees, or Referrals Fee’s to CanZell. 

Payment Processing
Before your first closing, you’ll receive a link from Intuit Quickbooks to securely provide your banking and W9 information for payments. We’re able to direct deposit funds into your account the very next day. This also ensures accurate tracking of earnings for your 1099 at the end of the year. 
If for whatever reason an agent withholds banking information and requests a mailed check, there will be an automatic $50 charge for each check processed. This is due to the extra time and hassle that it places on admin. Our recommended and most secure form of payment is Quickbooks direct deposit. 
Can you be paid same day at closing?
If your state and your closing attorney allow it, you can be paid same day at the closing. You need to request the CDA from your broker and 48 hours prior to closing so it can be approved and send to the closing attorney for payment. 

Can I be paid to my LLC?

Yes.  Watch a quick video on how it works:
What if my commission for a transaction that closed while I was capped in processed after my cap resets?

Pretend your cap period ends Oct. 1st and you closed a transaction Sept. 31st, but we didn’t receive funds and final paperwork until Oct. 4th.

As long as all the funds and forms are received by Oct. 6th, then it would count as a Sept. closing and be at 100% commission!
If we don’t receive everything until after the 6th of the month, then it would count as an Oct. closing and would not be 100% commission.

This is because our accounting books for the month are closed on the 6th of the following month.

Do agents pay E&O Insurance?

Yes, it is $50 per month.

Do you have to pay multiple fees if you are licensed in several states?

No! $50 per month for E&O Insurance covers the entire country, even if you are in multiple states!

Are there any fees for Expansion teams?

Nope. None. Zilch.

How much are the royalty or franchise fees?


What are the Monthly Fees?

There is a $50 a month technology fee that you will need to pay. You get all of the technology! The only other fee that you will be charged is $50 E&O Insurance every month. If an agent joins AFTER the first of the month, they will have to pay the startup fee, and will not be charged until the first of the FOLLOWING month for the E&O Insurance.

Watch these videos for more information on fees at CanZell:

What does my onboarding fee cover?

When you join CanZell Realty, there is a $100 Startup Fee that includes your first monthly fee as well as:

  • Set up with KVCORE for lead rotation
  • Boost any listings you have through ListHub
  • Set you up in Brokerbuck: All in One Referral System with BrokerBuck
  • Breakthrough Broker membership: Flyer, Brochures, Social Media posts that automatically feed from the MLS
  • Set you up in our Commission Management with BrokerMint
  • Set you up in our Brokermint transaction management dashboard
  • Customized Business Management Dashboard
  • Add you to our CR University Virtual Training

Are there really no brick and mortar offices?

We have the corporate headquarters in Virginia Beach, VA  and a few brick and mortar offices in states that require a physical office. Other than that, CanZell  agents and brokers work from their home offices, remote office space or Regus Coworking Center. As a company, this saves a tremendous amount of money and CanZell is able to share the savings with their agents through a low cap, ownership stock and the revenue sharing program.

What if I need a physical office or meeting room on occasion?

CanZell  has it covered. Every agent receives a free membership to the Regus Business Lounges (a co-working center) so you can go in and work in between appointments or reserve a conference room for you and your clients. There are over 3,000 Regus co-working offices in the US, so there should be at least one that’s convenient for you!

What if I buy or sell my own properties?

When an agent of CR wants to buy and/or sell “listed” real estate, and keep the agent portion of the commission, Agent must have closed four transactions with the firm. The share of the commission due CR will be the $395.00 transaction fee. Agent’s name MUST appear on the contract and the Closing Disclosure. CR will allow Agent to buy or sell up to 4 of his/her own properties per year at this cost. Agents may buy or sell as a FSBO at no cost to CR, provided CR is not a party to the contract. Disclosure that Agent is a licensed real estate agent is required.

CANZELL Realty Seller and Buyer Fees

Agents can determine their commission rate and any additional fees to their clients. However, whatever rate and fees that are charged to the client are then split with Canzell Realty at the typical commission split. 


If an agent wishes to discount their commission rate under 3% and that agent has not reached their commission cap, the minimum transaction split to Canzell Realty is $500.  


For example, you would want to charge the client a $2,500 minimal commission so that the company 20% of $500 is covered. ($2,500 x 20% = $500)  


Therefore, an agent can reduce their commission completely to $0 to the client but the agent would then be responsible to pay Canzell Realty $500 for that transaction plus the broker review and transaction fee. 


An agent and I want to split commissions. Is that allowed?

Agents can determine however that want to split their portion of the commissions with other agents however they choose. CanZell Realty does not get involved in commission disputes, so we strong encourage agents to put their referral agreements in writing so that if there are any issues, if it is in writing, it can be enforced.

For example, if you wanted to split your commission with an agent 50/50, it is important to put that in writing. If anything every happens, and there is a disagreement, if there is a signed agreement in place, we must honor that. If there is no signed agreement, the agents either have to come to an agreement on their own, or CanZell will pay the agent on the transaction at their normal commission rate. We will not get involved with any agent commission disputes.   

An agent and I want to split commissions. Is that allowed? What happens if I am licensed in more than one state?

 If you are licensed in more than one state, you will be placed in a circle for EACH state you are licensed in. This will ensure you have a Managing Broker that is local to you and knows your state’s contracts and compliance. This costs you NO additional money, it just gives you access to multiple leaders to make sure you are well taken care of!

Revenue Share

What is Revenue Share?

Revenue Share is something we offer all agents who join our company. Our revenue share program is multi-level with no limit to the amount you can earn from building a ‘successful team’. We have revenue sharing payouts monthly based on the number of people you help bring to the company.

How much can I earn in Revenue Share?

Because we have very little overhead, we can give 85% of the 20% we collect back to the agents who sponsored them! We give this directly from the company dollar!

What does Company Dollar mean?

The company dollar is the 20% the agent pays to the company until they reach their commission cap.

What is a L1A vs a L1PA?
The total number of ACTIVE agents sponsored on your tier 1, husband-wife teams count as 1 spot. To be active, the agent must have done either 2 transactions or $5,000 in gross commission income in the last 6 months. (This is the number that goes towards unlocking tiers 4 and 5. Tiers 2 and 3 automatically are unlocked as soon as you have 1 L1PA.)
There are two ways for an agent you’ve sponsored to be considered a L1PA.
Organic L1PA: They’ve closed 2 transactions in the last 6 months.
Budding L1PA: When an agent closes their 1st transaction at CanZell, they will become a producing agent for 6 months following that first closing to get their second closing. 


* If a Budding L1PA doesn’t close another transaction 6 months after their first, then they are no longer considered a producing agent in your L1PA.

How much can you earn on each agent each year?

You can earn up to $11,900 on each agent downline each year! You will also receive a portion of the company dollar if any of those agents sponsor more agents. You will receive 10% of company dollar on Levels 2 and 3, and 15% and 25% respectively on Level 4 and 5 once unlocked. 

How do the levels work?

When an agent is in your base one, depending on how many active* agents you have under you, you will earn anywhere from 10% – 25% of the company dollar. If you have 1-4 active* agents, you will get 10% of the company dollar on any deal they close. If you have between 5-24 active* agents, you get 15% of the company dollar on any deal they close. And if you have 25+ active* agents you have sponsored, you get 25% of the company dollar they have closed. 

That means if you have 25 active agents, and one of them closes a transaction that has a TGC of $15,000 – you will get (20% of $15,000 is $3000) 25% of $3000, or $750, just from that closing.

*The total number of ACTIVE agents sponsored on your tier 1, husband-wife teams count as 1 spot. To be active, the agent must have done either 2 transactions or $5,000 in gross commission income in the last 6 months. (This is the number that goes towards unlocking tiers 4 and 5. Tiers 2 and 3 automatically are unlocked as soon as you have 1 L1PA.)
A L1PA is the total number of ACTIVE agents sponsored on your tier 1, husband-wife teams count as 1 spot. To be active, the agent must have done either 2 transactions or $5,000 in gross commission income in the last 6 months. 
Is there a limit on how much you can earn?

There is no limit on how much you can earn! You can earn up to $3,500 from each agent you sponsor in your Level 1 and then you can earn an additional 10% – 25% on all other Levels! The earning potential is limitless!

Is there a production requirement for me to be able to receive revenue share?

You don’t have to close any homes in order to receive revenue share! Your revenue share is based on the production of the agents you sponsor. 

How do you unlock Levels?

Levels 1 – 3 are automatically unlocked as soon as you have 1 L1PA. In order to unlock levels 4 and 5 you must have 15 or 25 agents respectively.* 

Once you sponsor your first agent, you automatically start revenue share. You will receive 10% of the company dollar for each of the Agents closings until they cap. This Level payout is applicable when you have between 1-4 producing* agents within your sponsor. 

Once you have 5-24 producing* agents in your Level 1, your revenue share payout percentage increases to 15% of the company dollar on each transaction they close until they cap. 

Once you have 25+ producing* agents in your Level 1, your revenue share payout percentage increases to 25% of the company dollar on each transaction they close until they cap.

Is the Revenue Share Willable?

Yes! You can will your revenue share to an heir should you pass away or become incapacitated. There are 3 items that must be completed for revenue share to be willable.

  • CR and the CR Broker for that state must approve the change in sponsor to the heir.
  • Must provide legal documentation from an attorney stating that the heir has the right to the revenue share and it falls within state and federal guidelines.
  • Heir must become a licensed agent with CanZell Realty within 12 months of the passing or incapacitation of the agent, and have their real estate license in active status with CanZell Realty for their state.
What are the sponsor requirements?

Sponsors are highly encouraged to support the agents through the joining process and beyond but are not required to do so. If the selected sponsor has made any representations or promises above and beyond referring a joining agent to CanZell Realty, it is the sole responsibility of the joining agent to confirm the sponsors ability to perform on those representations or provide the additional support required.

How do I pick my sponsor at CanZell?

Your sponsor is the person that introduced you to CanZell Realty.  If you spoke with multiple people before deciding to join us,  you should name the sponsor that was the one that most helped you say YES! to the DRESS!  Keep in mind, you want to have a sponsor that is going to help you navigate the brokerage tools and technology and can guide you in the growth of your business — even if they are in another state!  Who is the best person for that?

What if the wrong sponsor is chosen?

It is ultimately the person who is onboarding to decide who their sponsor is. Lets say you introduce them to the company, but they choose a different sponsor; the individual being onboarding has the ultimate decision on who their sponsor is. If there is an error, the individual being onboarded needs to send an email within 24 hours notifying CanZell of the mistake.

For example, you could take someone out to 3 steak dinners, pay for them to go to a conference, and when it comes time to pick their sponsor, they could pick someone else. It is completely up to them, and management does not get involved. 

Can I change my sponsor?

No, the only way to change sponsor is if you accidentally chose the wrong sponsor, you can change it within the first 24 hours of joining, or if someone left the company and rejoined within 180 days; they could change their sponsor.

For example, if someone left the company and rejoined the next day, whoever they put as their sponsor originally would still be their sponsor

Can I hold my broker's license at CanZell and another firm?

You can hold your license at another firm for property management only. Most states, require you to be a broker to hold your license at more than one firm – see your state for requirements. You cannot participate in buyer/seller real estate transactions with another brokerage. All real estate sales must be done through CanZell.

If you chose to do property management at another brokerage, it must be approved by management in advance and you must show yearly reports that the only commissions paid from that brokerage are for property management fees. 

What if an agent in my downline leaves?

If an agent in any level below you leaves, the agents in subsequent levels are kept in your downline on those respective levels. A downline agent leaving does not cut off your access to the agents they sponsored.

What if an agent in my downline leaves then comes back?

Anytime an agent leaves CanZell and rejoins, they must start a new downline. His or her old downline agents remain in your downline though.

If they come back within 6 months (180 days), then they must select you as the sponsor for their new downline. If they return after 6 months, then they may choose a different sponsor for their new downline.

How often is revenue share paid out?

Revenue share is paid out by the 15th of every month.

Can I get my revenue share paid only in stock?
No, revenue share is paid monetarily.
Do I need to transact to earn revenue share?
No, you just have a to have an active real estate license and be in good standing with CanZell Realty.
When is Revenue Share Paid?

Revenue Share is paid by the 15th of every month and will be paid only if both the recruit and the sponsor are associated with CanZell on the day of distribution. 

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How do I Offboard?

At Canzell, we firmly reject the idea of binding anyone to our platform. We offer what you might call “velvet handcuffs,” as you have the freedom to Offboard at any moment. However, once you experience the benefits of our Revenue Share program, you’ll likely find it difficult to part ways. Unlike other Brokerages that impose 60 or even 120-day notice periods or charge hefty fees for contract termination, we do things differently. With us, you have the liberty to leave whenever you wish by merely clicking “Offboard Now” in our Portal. It’s as straightforward as that.

Agent Tools

Does CanZell Realty Provide Leads and kvCore?

The real lead generation opportunity with CanZell Realty is based on their providing of kvCORE to all agents, where agents can purchase leads for only $3-15 per lead. kvCORE is an all-in-one solution that gives agents their own lead-generating website and back-end CRM database. Used together, this system helps agents generate leads from a variety of sources both online and with traditional methods. 

If you want to see how to buy leads, click HERE!

The front-end website looks amazing and is very informative to potential leads and clients. Users can create an account that will let them save properties and searches so they may be alerted to changes, and you’ll also have access to see all the properties that they are looking at, saving, and which searches they are interested in. 

The powerful CRM system allows agents to manage an extremely large database of leads without ever dropping the ball on communication. Some of the features of the kvCORE CRM include smart email drip campaigns, texting straight out of the system, and the ability to create landing and squeeze pages to support lead generation by even the least tech-savvy of agents.

What else does CANZELL provide?

Brokermint is CanZell Realty’s transaction management platform. 

Canzell Portal, a custom dashboard for agent success.

Our Internal Facebook page to chat with agents in an online community.

Slack to communicate with agents and corporate staff.

Agents have access to Regus offices around the US for free WIFI, coffee, and networking potential.


Are you a public or private company?

We are currently a privately traded company and our stocks are managed by OptionTrax. CanZell Realty is an agent owned company and we want everyone to have a vested interest in our success. 

What are some of the ways to earn stock?

Once you close your first transaction with us, you are awarded $250 worth of stock in the company! If anyone you sponsor closes their first transaction with you, you also be awarded $250 worth of stock in the company. 

When you cap each year, you will be awarded $4000 worth of stock in the company.
If you are an influencer, meaning you cap, sell 25+ homes each year and teach one class a month, you will be awarded an additional $10,000 in stock in the company each year.

When can I cash out on my stock?
Most of the stock awards agents receive are vested after 3 years. This means that if you received a stock award for hitting your cap in June of 2020, you could cash it out (or move it to your personal brokerage account) in June of 2023.
When are stock awards granted?

All stock awards are collected over the month. They are transferred into OptionTrax on the 15th of the following month. For example, if you cap on July 5th, the $4000 in stock awards will collect and they will be transferred into your OptionTrax account on August 15th.

Can I buy stock?
No, not at this time.
Is stock willable?
Once your stock is vested, you may do with it what you like, including willing it to an heir.
Can I gift stock to someone else?
Once your stock is vested, you may do with it what you like, including gifting it to someone else.


What do you offer for training?
We have multiple options for training, and we believe education is important. At CanZell Realty, there is never a charge to participate in training. And best of all, team leaders can send their agents to train at no cost to them! We have over 100 hours of training on-demand with new classes being added each week.
What topics do you cover?
  • Processes To Succeed
  • Getting Leads Through Video
  • Anatomy of a Call
  • Scripts
  • How to Prospect
  • kvCore website beginner and advanced training
  • Brokermint beginner and advanced training
  • How to process your commission
  • and so much more!
Where can I find training content?

You can access this library that is categorized by topic anytime and anywhere on the CANZELL Cloud calendar.

What is the mentor program at CANZELL?

When joining CanZell Realty, if you have closed less than 4 homes in the last 24 months, you will be assigned a mentor. This mentor will assist you through your first 4 closings. They will receive 25% of your agent portion of your commission for mentoring you.

Can I change my mentor?

If you are not happy with the mentor you are assigned, you can change mentors at any time. Regardless of who your mentor is, the agent who helped mentor you on the transaction will be paid the mentor fee. When switching mentors, your new mentor will be paid starting on the next transaction they begin to mentor you on. 

Can I mentor an agent on my team?

If a mentee joins CanZell, and is a team member on a registered team, the team leader can be their mentor if they are overseeing them as an agent on their team. They must oversee them on the completion of their mentor program, but they may elect to waive the 25% mentor fee on their first four transactions since they are already paying the team leader a portion of their commission.

Are there in-person trainings?
Yes! Our Circles get together on a regular basis to do everything from training and mastermind events, to fun outings and team bonding!
When is our broker meeting held?

Each state and circle’s broker hold a contract class each week. Go to to see when your broker’s meeting is scheduled. 

About CANZELL Realty

Where is CANZELL operating?

CanZell has opened operations in 20+ US states and still growing.

Who is the broker at CanZell Realty?
Each state has at least one broker, but we have a broker in most MLS territories to help you navigate your local contracts and paperwork.
Is CanZell Realty Sustainable?

A question a lot of agents have when they come across CanZell Realty is if the company is sustainable. Because CanZell Realty gives so much back to agents with Revenue Share, stock compensation, and lead generation tools, many agents wonder if the CanZell Realty business model can last into the future. 

Our revenue share model pays out up to 85% of the company dollar back to agents, 11% to leadership and 10% to the charity of the client’s choice, allowing about 14% to go towards overhead, technology and profit. Because CanZell Realty has no physical brick and mortar offices, the overhead is substantially less than comparable brokerages.

Teams at CanZell

What do teams looks like at CanZell?

Teams are something that many brokers have and you may have questions about how teams work at CanZell. This FAQ section is to show you how you can keep your current team or brokerage model at CanZell Realty and take advantage of the revenue share opportunity while keeping the same splits you share in your business. 

In this FAQ section, we will cover the 3 types of teams at CanZell Realty and how you can transition your team to CanZell Realty without having to sacrifice your current income. 

The 3 teams at CanZell Realty: 

  1. Unionized Team
  2. Mega Team
  3. Married Teams


How is CANZELL different from the others?

We have taken over your traditional brick-and-mortar brokerages. We are not a franchise model so agents are able to build their own business using all of the technology and tools we provide them. Opportunity to earn revenue share (NOT profit share😉) as well as stock awards.

Are there really no brick and mortar offices?
We have the corporate headquarters in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and a few brick and mortar offices in states that require a physical office. Other than that, CanZell agents and brokers work from their home offices, remote office space or Regus Coworking Center. As a company, this saves a tremendous amount of money and CanZell is able to share the savings with their agents through lower costs and the revenue sharing program.
What if I need a physical office or meeting room?
Every agent receives a membership to the Regus Business Lounges (a co-working center) so you can go in and work in between appointments or reserve a conference room for you and your clients. You would be responsible for paying for that meeting room, but we do have a certain amount of free-rooms per month that is available! There are over 3,000 Regus co-working offices in the US, so there should be at least one that’s convenient for you!
How does my client get to choose which charity they want 10% of the company dollar profit to go?

After every transaction, your client will receive an email like the below for your client to pick the charity they want us to donate to.

I noticed that you recently closed a transaction with one of our agents.
Congratulations! And thank you so much for your business!
It is important to me that you had a wow-ing experience with Canzell Realty!

So please take a minute to fill out this quick survey to let me know how things went.
You'll even get a chance to vote on which charity we'll give 10% of our profits to!
How do I suggest a charity?

Wonderful, we are always open to new charities. If you want to suggest a charity, you can fill out the CR Cares form below. We decide every October which charities for the next year. 

Influencer Program

What is the Influencer Program?

CanZell celebrates all our agents while highlighting those who achieve exceptional sales transaction numbers and exemplify our core values. We recognize agents by offering them the opportunity to earn Influencer status. Influencer status is reserved for those agents who cap and close 25 or more transactions during their anniversary year, teach a class, and operate in alignment with our core values.

What are the production requirements to be an Influencer?

Any agent who pays a full cap is eligible for consideration for Influencer status when one of the following is met per anniversary year. 

Paid CANZELL Realty annual cap
Close 25 transactions

*Only the transaction owner in the system gets credit for the closing if shared with another agent.

What happens when an agent hits Influencer status?

Once an agent has hit Influencer status, they are eligible for their additional $10,000 in company stock issued by CR Global Holdings. This is a common stock which vests after 3 years and stock will be issued and released as long as Influencer Agent remains licensed exclusively with CanZell during the three-year vesting mark. They will remain in Influencer status for the following anniversary year, and each year thereafter as long as they teach their required monthly class and continue to hit the Influencer production requirements. 

Shares will be added to the monthly company release once Influencer has submitted their class contribution request.

Influencer will be awarded a maximum of $833 in stock per month for approved classes taught for a total of $10,000 in ownership stock during their Influencer benefit year. These requests for approval must be submitted no later than the 5th of the month following the class that was taught in order to be eligible to receive the stock award. If they do not request it, or do not teach a class during a month, they will not receive the stock for that month.

What are the Influencer training requirements?

Training is one of our most important values. Successful agents giving back to our agents is what helps all business grow!

Influencers can contribute to our agent’s production by actively teaching and training. The monthly training tracking begins after the agent has achieved Influencer status and during the Influencer’s anniversary year. The influencer anniversary year is defined as the 12-month period following influencer status achievement.

Influencers must teach one class per month to receive the Influencer Class stock. 

How do I sign up to become an Influencer Agent?
You don’t! This is a status that is earned.
When will I be notified if I have achieved the production requirement for Influencer status?
YES! You will be notified by email with a graphic within 48 hours of the qualifying transaction closing.
Will I be recognized publicly as an Influencer?
Once you hit Influencer status, you will receive a social media post via email to post on your personal social media sites. We will also post a graphic and congratulations in the company internal Facebook page.
Can I apply production at my former brokerage to CanZell to help me achieve Influencer status?
When onboarding, you can present your last 12 months production from your previous brokerage to be considered to be granted Influencer status.
Who is eligible to be an influencer?
All agents on a full cap of 14k are eligible once they meet all other requirements. Any agent receiving a reduced cap is not eligible.
Can I pay the company commission cap upfront so I can become an Influencer faster?
Every agent must pay their cap by contributing 20% of their Total Gross Income per transaction. You are not able to pay more or out of pocket.

Everything Else

I want exclusive rights to an entire state, how do I get that?

There are no exclusive rights to a state, which is a really great thing because everyone can sponsor agents in every state, growing their revenue share! 

Each state does have a designated broker, that oversees all agents and all Managing Broker’s in a state. They receive 3% of the company dollar of any circle they are the Managing Broker of, and 1% of the company dollar of any circle they are overseeing the Managing Broker.

I want to join in a state that you are not open in yet. How can I join?

Our goal is to be open in all 50 states! If you want to join in a state that we are not active in yet, we will gladly open the state for you. The only requirement is we have 5 producing* agents committed to join, and 2 of them have to be cappers. 

One of the great things about CanZell Realty, is we have local brokers! Sometimes, that means several brokers in the same area. Here are a few FAQ’s on how that works:

How does an agent choose which broker to go under when they join a territory that has multiple brokers?

If the agents has a preference when onboarding, we always honor that! If they don’t, we will assign them to the broker who is closest in proximity to the agent.


I want to be the Managing Broker of my own circle. How does that happen?

When you join, if you bring 3 or more agents with you, we will create a new circle for you and your agents, in which you can be the Managing Broker. If you don’t, you will join the circle closest to you, and as soon as you sponsor 3 agents, we will begin a new circle for you and your sponsored agents, in which you can be the managing broker.

Do you offer healthcare?
Through our partnership with Clearwater Benefits, agents are able to take advantage of great group rates on health insurance.
Do I have to be a REALTOR® to be part of CANZELL?
Yes, all agents licensed at CanZell Realty are REALTOR®s.

World-Class Support

If I need help with something, who do I call?
One of the great things about CanZell Realty is the amount of leadership you have surrounding you. If you have a contract or broker question, you can go directly to your Broker. If you have a leadership or general question, you would go to your mentor, then your Circle Leader, then your Managing Partner and lastly your sponsor. They are all there to help answer all of your questions to make sure you have a successful career at CanZell Realty.
I just need transaction help, where do I go?

CanZell Realty provides dedicated transaction support specialists to ensure agents files are complete and accurate! As I said previously, with the use of Brokermint, agents can turn in documents for review and receive any feedback instantly. Once these documents are reviewed and accepted, the transaction coordination team will create the commission disbursement authorization form to ensure that the agents will receive their commissions soon after closing!

Access to Regus business Lounges

To continue providing first-class support to its professionals, CanZell Realty has entered into a partnership with Regus Business Lounges, giving its cloud-based agents space on the ground to meet clients or have a place to call home while on the go.

CanZell Realty agents have access to Business Lounge in more than 1,200 locations across the globe – including most US state, 95 countries and such exotic vacation spots as Cape Town, Dubai and Monte Carlo.

Regus Locations include fully-equipped offices and professional and administrative support from center teams as well as access to Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, day offices and video communications. The Regus Business Lounge are accessible to all CanZell Agents with a Regus Card or copy of their Temporary ID #.

Short Use Day Offices, Meeting Rooms, Print/Fax Services, Mail Handling and Designated Cubicles or Co-Working spaces are available at discounted rate through REGUS. Open desk space is also available at $3 – $4/ hour depending on the location. All services will incur additional charges which will be billed to the agent by CanZell Realty if not paid directly to Regus at the time of the visit. Another plus for CanZell Agents – Regus Locations are a great place to network!

About Regus

Regus is the worlds largest provider of flexible workplaces. Over a million customers a day benefit from our locations spread across almost 100 countries. With our ever expanding range of innovative products and services we enable people to work their way whether it’s from home, on the road or from an office.

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