You don’t! The person who sponsors you will always be your sponsor. However, if you would like to change leadership, you are able to do so, just reach out to your managing partner and make the request!
If your Circle Leader leaves, your MP will fill in until a new Circle Leader is replaced.
Working at Canzell gives you the opportunity to grow and build a business with $0 in overhead. There are no brick and mortar costs, we provide you all of the tools you need to grow while you are able to enjoy the revenue stream of all of the people you sponsor and lead.
  1. You can be a Sponsor, a Mentor, or you can be multiple roles combined.
  2. You can be a Circle Leader and a Managing Broker. Once you develop another Circle Leader, you can also add Managing Partner to your list, and be all 3!
  3. As you grow, sponsor more agents and develop in your roles, you can wear multiple hats!
You can become a Circle Leader by recruiting 3 outside agents and by getting approval from your Managing Partner.
When sponsoring agents in, there are 3 bases you can collect on. Let’s think about it like in a baseball game! On first base, or your 10% revenue share, you sponsor in Ryan. You receive 10% of company dollar off anything Ryan closes. Ryan, then sponsors in Rachel. She is on your 2nd base. You get to collect 3% off your 2nd base player. Rachel then recruits David. He is on your 3rd base, and you get to collect 2% off anyone you have on 3rd base. What happens if Rachel decides to leave? If Rachel leaves, or gets out at second base (in our baseball analogy), then you still have David on 3rd base. You will continue to receive 2% from David, even though Rachel left.

Managing Partner: Develops and Leads Circle Leaders

Circle Leader: Sponsors Agents and drives sales

Managing Broker: Teaches contracts and does compliance

Mentor: Trains new agents

Sponsor: The reason an agent joins

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