We hate hidden dues as much as you do

Yearly Fees

None. . Zip, zilch, zero, nada!!!

E & 0 Fee

Agents pay a $50 monthly fee.

Onboarding Fees

Agents pay a one time $100 fee.

Residential Transactions

Agents pay 80/20 split until they reach 14,000 cap.

Brokerage fee

There is a 5% brokerage fee until you cap and then it’s 100% completely!

Broker Price Opinion (BPO)

Agents pay a fee of $15 on all BPOs. BPOs do not apply toward the annual CAP.

Commercial Transactions

Your residential cap and commercial cap will be the same. Both are $14,000.

Selling Personal Real Estate

Agents get 4 transactions with 0 commission but they do pay a $395 Risk Management Fee when selling personal real estate property where the agent represents him/herself. This includes all real estate property where an agent has potential personal financial gain. Agents are not permitted to represent both sides of a transaction when selling personal real estate property. We encourage agents to hire another Canzell agent to handled the listing of their property to promote compliance and added protection from possible lawsuits. You must have closed at least 4 houses with our firm when this kicks in.

 (Note: E&O companies increase premiums significantly based on the number of deals where an agent sells their own property due to the high risk of getting sued. A real estate agent is considered having an “advantage” and therefore is often viewed as guilty until proven innocent.)