heath insurance at canzell realty

We are thrilled to provide our agents access to affordable, innovative healthcare choices! We are focused on our agents’ success, and providing access to the best possible health care that aligns with our strategy to prioritize our agents.

We offer our agents affordable, quality healthcare choices so you’ll never have to worry about the stress of finding affordable healthcare

CR agents will have:

   A dedicated concierge to help maximize savings

  Healthcare coverage with local providers

  Access to Teladoc, which provides 24/7 medical care via video conferencing


Not all realtors want multiple revenue streams, 100% commission, and technology that enables them to do more business. Working with us is best suited for people that work hard, want to take control of their future, and embrace new technology. If you’re…

♦️    An agent living paycheck to paycheck

♦️    Paying enormous monthly fees

♦️    Wanting to increase your passive monthly revenue

♦️    Looking for ways to empower your team members

♦️    Starting your own brokerage

♦️    An agent that wants to take advantage of free technology

Then this is for you!

We are looking for more leaders, brokers, and producing agents across the nation who want to use their abilities to lead!

If you’d like to learn more about the opportunities at Canzell, just click the button below.

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