ISA Leadership Interview Guide

You set a Leadership interview! Follow these steps to make sure they get all of the info they need! 

Welcome Script:

Hi, this is NAME with CanZell Realty! Thank you for joining the call! NAME OF PERSON YOU SET THE INTERVIEW WITH is jumping on the call but Iwanted to show you a few things first!

I wanted to show you a quick message from our CEO and President on why we are different. 

CanZell Video

One of the things we are interested in speaking to you about is a leadership position with or company. I have this quick video I want you to watch that shows what a Circle Leader and what a Manager Broker does, what their positions entail and then we can chat about it! 

Leadership Video :

I am sure you ahve heard of the company eXp and we really love eXp and love what they do, but there are a couple of things we couldn’t get on board with and one of them is having one broker for the whole state. For us, what makes us different is we wanted a broker that agents could contact their broker and have them answer the phone right away, along with another few key differences. Let me show you this quick video and then we can discuss it as well!


CanZell vs. Cloud Based Brokerage:


One of the things we want you to know is that we are very anti-franchise because when you join a franchise, there’s a lof of benefits but there is also that they will charge you between thirty and fifty thousand dollars and lock you into a five or ten year agreement. We had someone recently from Weichert that are trying to charge for $200,000 and keep her locked into a contract for 9 more years. So I want you to watch this one as well. 




Unfranchise Video

Show the DISC video and ask what their DISC is: 

Once all videos have been watched and you have their DISC score – ask manager to come on and let them know what their top 2 DISC are. 



If they are for an expansion leader – show this: 

Expansion Leader:


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