Director of Human Resources and Talent Acquisition

Job Description

Reporting to the CEO and COO this position will address the needs and goals of the organization in the areas of employment and staffing, employee relations, labor relations, employee engagement, management coaching, diversity and inclusion, management development and training, compliance with employment laws and other related regulatory requirements.

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Complies with legal requirements and government reporting regulations affecting Human Resources Services
  • Ensures timely processing of workers’ compensation claims and ensures that the facility is in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Prescreens applicants, conducts preliminary interviews, and makes recommendations to leaders concerning employment.
  • Verifies that all mandatory pre-employment background investigations, verifications, references, and examinations have been successfully completed prior to actual hire.
  • Maintains employee files, including personnel, medical, FMLA, disability, and workers’ compensation.
  • Ensures performance appraisals are conducted for all employees by their respective leader
  • Reviews individual unemployment claims and acts as liaison with counsel for unemployment hearings.
  • Reviews and completes/assists management in employment corrective action and terminations.
  • Completes proper payroll processing to ensure compliance with Department of Labor
  • Manage all aspects of talent acquisition and recruitment activities; continually look for new and more effective means of attracting and retaining employees.
  • Manage and oversee employee relations activities, ensure proper documentation, oversee process of internal investigation, and follow through.
  • Maintain, update HR polices to ensure they are current and accurate. Draft new ones as needed.
  • Stay current with changes in laws and regulations and ensure HR team receives updates on changes to employment laws and requirements.
  • Oversee content of and process for new corporate employee and new agent orientation.
  • Make recommendations for additional training needs. Take part in facilitation of some courses. Develop plan for curriculum leadership program for all positions
  • Improve existing HR practices or policies aimed at employee retention
  • Identify and help resolve conflicts to maintain and/or positive working relationships.
  • Maintain a close connection to and awareness of staff engagement and morale levels to ensure employees can perform at their best
  • Manage and evaluate talent acquisition budgets
  • Evaluate systems for onboarding and recruiting process
  • Responsible for increasing brand recognition and improving recruitment experience
  • Manage recruitment process

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