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The purpose of joining a networking group (Not just REALTOR networking group) is to help build your connections – keep in mind that you need to be active and follow up with those connections, build relationships!

Here are some ideas for you to look into:

1. Alumni Organizations

One of the first places you should go as Career Services probably has an email list you can join and some programs for alumni.

2. Your Local Chamber Of Commerce

They always have networking, often for small businesses to connect but also for job seekers.

3. LinkedIn

You can join up to 50 groups which are great for demonstrating your expertise and joining discussions. There are groups for your profession and networking groups for job seekers. A lot of the job-focused groups have companies showing their open jobs.

4. Meetup.com

Yes, they even have meetings for business networking.

5. ExecuNet

An executive level job board that provides networking opportunities.

6. NetShare

Another executive job board that formally promotes networking.

7. ChiefExecutiveNetwork.com

Paid site that offers networking by industry group.

8. Executive Networking Groups

Really great sites that have local chapters include:

  • FENG – Financial Executives Networking Group
  • MENG – Marketing Executives Networking Group
  • TENG – Technology Executives Networking Group
  • BENG – Business Executives Networking Group
  • SENG – Senior Executive Networking Group

9. BNI International

Touted as the largest business networking organization in the world. I think you get the idea. Search for networking groups within your profession and you are sure to make new connections and expand your reach.

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