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18. Sign up to do BPOs, then market to the Owners of Distressed Homes

Steps to start doing BPOs

  1. Join as a member of NABPOP – National Association of BPO Professionals
    • Access to the BPO courseBPO certification testing, BPO resources
      • No Trial and Error – take the guesswork out of learning
    • Get support
  2. Take the BPO Course
  3. Pass the BPO Certification Testto become BPO Certified ASAP
  4. Sign upwith Banks, Lenders, Asset Managers, BPO Companies,
    • NABPOP members have access to the Directoryfor organizations hiring and paying agents/brokers.
    • Check the Blacklist to ensure you don’t sign up with organizations that do not pay.
  5. Opt into the Directories to be found by Banks, Lenders, Asset Managers, BPO Companies, looking for BPO certifiedAgents/Brokers
  6. Establish and maintain a vendor rating with each organization by submitting on time and accurate BPOs.

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