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A lot of agents jump right on listings that JUST expired.  Digging a little deeper and reaching out to expired listings from a year or more ago… They wanted to sell at one time, find out what their plans are and how plans maybe changed and ask if you can help them reach their objective.  Start a plan of action with them if they are looking to sell in the near future.

Write them a letter!  Want to know some tips on a nice letter to these older expired listings?  Keep reading…

  1. Show Empathy – the homeowner is probably frustrated after his home listing expired with no true bites!
  2. Tell them the reason you think it didn’t sell.  Maybe it was the photos, or the price.
  3. Explain what their previous agent did vs what you are offering to do.
  4. Give them a reason to look to the future, (Now they can with a plan in place that is better than the last).

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