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We all love referrals!  Especially from clients that we had so much fun working with!  Why not show them how appreciative you are that they mentioned you to their friends?  The best way to stay in front of your past clients is to make sure they know that you are still available to assist them with any real estate needs!  Imagine them sitting at a lunch with their friends and one of them saying “I’m really going to start looking for a larger house now, we have just seemed to outgrow where we are staying” The word “HOUSE” automatically made them think of you and remember all of the sweet pop-by’s and your fb group posts!  Immediately they say to their friend, “I have the person agent for you, let me get you her info right now!”




When you get a good referral, keep making them remember you and how you appreciate them for giving you business.  Here are some ideas to send them! 

  • $5 gift card and thank you note at introduction to the referral
  • $10 gift card for gas, along with a handwritten note thanking them for the referral again and providing a quick update on the progress once buyer or seller signs a contract or lists
  • Hand-delivered $50 gift card to a local restaurant once the client closes


Even if they already love you, everyone loves getting presents, even small ones.

One of the best lead generating tools has been to reward my referrals with a handwritten note and gift card. This is key for your business and proven to be one of the best ways to connect with clients, friends, and family who are kind enough to refer my services. This helps make and maintain a personal connection.

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