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A great way to have a lot of engagement on social, is to make a post that asks what your audience for any real estate questions that they think first time homebuyers would have?  

This way you are engaging with social media while also gathering content for a Q&A style blog!  

You can include your blog information and/or articles in your monthly newsletter!  Get that content in front of your target audience!

Sample Article Style Post: 
What to Expect (and Do) During Your First Meeting with a Realtor®
  1. Be Prepared to Talk About Finances (Be prepared to talk about realistically how much you can afford)
  2. Discuss Your Must-Haves With a Property
  3. Create a List of Questions for the Realtor®
  4. Come Prepared to Listen
Post Yummy Recipes!  Post your travels!  Post your newest listing! Your opportunities are endless!

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