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You don’t need to create one, but get involved.

For example, create a survey to find out “What’s stopping you from buying a home?” And then engage people individually in a very casual manner.

The key is coming up with creative content that makes people want to participate, remaining consistent and measuring the results.  I see too many agents who let these things go if they don’t see immediate results or start getting busy!

As an agent you should offer value advice!  Some ways that you can do that are:

  • Market Updates (Experienced agents can efficiently identify and even predict trends. They can tell you which neighborhoods are trending up or down and why. If you don’t need to buy or sell immediately, they can advise you when you should act and when you should wait)
  • Negotiation Skills (Negotiating the best price is an art form best honed by doing it frequently. Knowing who you’re dealing with also helps, and an experienced agent often has insight into who is motivated to buy or sell quickly and who has the patience to wait for a more favorable deal.)
  • Community Connections (Experienced agents have contacts at City Hall and in local industry. If one of the area’s top employers is expanding or laying people off, they know about it and how it will impact the market. If someone’s pushing a zoning amendment that will impact specific neighborhoods, they often can let you know before it’s even in the news.)


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