Our Business Opportunities

At, CR, there are many leadership opportunities available to each and every agent. Whether you want to mentor, or start your own circle, the possibilities are endless! Our virtual platform will allow you to work from anywhere, giving you immense platform to build your circle. With our model, not only are you able to keep more of your commission, but you have multiple revenue streams you can tap into!

Here are some business opportunities available to you at CR:

  1. Mentor: You can mentor new agents! You will receive 25% of their commission on their first 4 transactions.
  2. Managing Broker: You can be the managing broker of a circle that is just starting, or has an opening. You will receive 3% of company dollar for each person in your circle that you oversee. You will be there to answer questions, check their contracts for compliance, and offer training sessions.
  3. Circle Leader: Once you recruit 3 people from outside the company to CR, you have the option to become a circle leader. As a circle leader, you will recruit to grow more agents to your circle, as well as provide coaching and leadership to help grow your agents business. You will receive 5% of company dollar for each agent you oversee in your circle.
  4. Managing Partner:  Once an agent in your Circle becomes a Circle Leader, you are now their Managing Partner. You will coach that circle leader on how to recruit and train their agents for maximum success. You will receive 3% of the company dollar of any circle you oversee as Managing Part

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