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If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.

Warren Buffet famously said, “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

My Biggest Flex

My biggest flex is saying YES, even though I was scared to death at the beginning . 😉

I’m blown away by what I’m learning about our revenue share , and the testimonies pouring in daily.

I’m blown away by the circle leaders ! I’m blown away by this compensation plan. It’s lucrative and it’s generous.

This company is setting us up for long term wealth not short term success. We have the systems in place so burn out won’t happen.

I’ve always wanted to help launch a company.. I always wished I had gotten in earlier at my previous company, but I was a few years late to the game. I refused to miss this opportunity and my refusal has paid off . Not just for me, but everyone on my team is thriving. We are helping people around the world feel better and find financial freedom.

This is my retirement plan, what’s yours?

Are you interested in a leadership position?

I am looking to hire brokers and managers in your area!

Who do you know that would be a great fit?  Have you considered getting into leadership?

I am also looking to hire a circle leader! A circle leader does not have to have a broker's license, they would be coaching, training, and building a team of agents!!

Does this look like something you would want more information on?Can we schedule a 10 min call to discuss it?

All the best,Chantel Ray

Are you looking to receive leads?

I was thinking of you and I didn't know if you are looking for some more leads.

I just read a stat that said that LESS THAN 10% of realtors sold 4 or more units in 2022 so far?

That means that 90% of the people either sold zero homes, one home, two homes or three homes...isn't that insane?

We have partnered with over 20 top online lead generation companies in the industry to kickstart businesses. Receive qualified buyers and sellers to build your pipeline.

There is ZERO cost to sign up, and receive qualified leads from qualified states.

If you are interested and want to learn more just reply back to this email and look at this video

I would love to hear back from you!

All the best,

Chantel Ray

Looking for a Broker

Send the texts out in this order:
"Hey there ☀️! We are looking for managing brokers in your area! Are you an agent or a broker? 🏡"
After they respon​d reply with​....
"We are looking to hire brokers in all 50 states in each area of each state! For example, in Florida one in Tampa, one in Jacksonville! 

We are also looking to hire circle leaders!! A circle leader does not have to have a broker's license, they would be coaching, training, and building a team of agents!!
Here is a video about our company!!

Is this something you would be interested in?"

Google PPC

SO MANY AGENTS are not updating their google ads word page…and this video explains exactly what you need to do!!

OMGEEEEE 🤩, check out this really great video on how to get more leads with Google...FOR FREE💰!!!

CICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO.............Trust me, You will thank me later!!  🙌

In case you were curious.....we would love you to join our team 😉, OBVIOUSLY!! There's a link below with a few videos if you wanted to check out what CanZell Realty has to offer. If you aren't interested, no biggie, but if you know anyone else that may be interested in joining feel free to send them the link as well!


Here is the link……

We can do a quick call later to go over all this amazing information, when would be good for you?

LOTS to talk about

Thank you for showing our recent listing. As an Active Agent, now might be the best time to re-focus your career to see how it could grow to be even more successful this year. As our Branch Office license becomes ACTIVE, I will be joining Canzell Realty as the Managing Broker for the Greater Richmond area. At CanZell, you are not just an associate but an owner! Let's talk about LOTS:

L=Leads to grow your career

O=Ownership-Stock awards and revenue sharing for all active agents

T=Technology to help you grow and manage your successful business!

S=Support- Live, local support from your Managing Broker, as well as Transaction coordination, and lead generation.

Why not call or text me today to discuss our $14k Commission Cap and 100% Plan?

How does this sound?

How does this sound?


100% split with only a $14,000 Cap

Revenue Sharing - Obtainable by Typical Agent

Stock Awards - Ground Floor Opportunity

Leads Program - Quality Leads

No yearly fees and no monthly tech Fees

Local Broker In Charge

Local Team Leader

National Speakers & Training

Technology - KV Core | Core Listing Machine, Social & Present | Tons More

Do you want the Close-knit Feel & Support of a Local Firm?

Do you want the Technology, Revenue Sharing & Equity Awards of a National Firm?


Why choose when you can have both!


Click to watch video:

Also visit:

New Year Coming

Well here we are already into another Holiday Season! With the New Year fast approaching many of you are re-evaluating your business plan for the coming year. If you are currently a Broker and own your own Brokerage but you are thinking about making a change read further!

Are you looking to save money on your overhead?
Are you tired of trying to keep up with the latest technology and training?
Are your agents looking for solid leads that can truly produce results?
Are you looking for administrative support that could take your brokerage to the next level?
Are you looking to save $ on overhead but keep your brokerage name?
Are your agents looking for passive/residual income, stock ownership, and mentorship?

Or are you an agent wondering if there is a better way to do business........

Run a Booming Brokerage:

Contact me to set up an apt via text, email, cell or calendly!!

For your viewing!
CanZell vs. Cloud Brokerages

Shorter all-access video:

Top Reasons for Joining (the money):

Passive Income Webinar:

Be an owner instead

Why work for a firm when you can be an owner in a firm? Get equity and revenue share while you are working your real esate deals.

Check out Canzell's vision:

1 / 3123


Transaction finished

I just wanted to thank you for all you did to help get this transaction to the finish line…I really enjoyed working with you…I would love to have you watch this quick video that talks about why I love working at CanZell….I would love to chat for 5 min to talk more about it if you are free…to earn more money with doing less work





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