Pop-by! Samples

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What’s a pop-by?

A pop-by is when you “pop-by” a previous client’s house, leaving a gift (like mentos or pop-corn), reminding them that you’re there for all of their real estate needs! Not to mention that you appreciate referrals!

Can I do it online?

Definitely! Just use the gifting feature on the Amazon links to the right to send it to their address, then shoot them a text message with the script and graphic, letting them know a thank you gift is on the way! 

Script: Hey! Mailed some mentos to your house! I just “mento” tell you how much I appreciate you! 🤣

Script: Hey! Mailed some popcorn to your house! I wanted to remind you how much it means to me when you send friends and family interested in buying or selling my way! It makes my business “POP”! 🍿🤣

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