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Do you feel like you’ve hit a ceiling on your revenue growth? Maybe you’re working 12 hour days, you’ve maxed out how many homes you can sell by yourself, and maybe you don’t want to manage a team yet?

❗️ Here are 3 ways you can increase your revenue without extra work in your real estate business.

1. You need a Commission Cap

If you’re making $180,000 selling 12 homes and pay a 30% brokerage fee with no cap, you’re paying your brokerage around $54,000 every year.

If you sold the same amount of homes at Canzell, you would only pay $14,000 and be on a 100% split for the rest of your anniversary year.

2. Ownership Stock

Once you reach the $14,000 cap you get between $4,000-$10,000 in ownership stock back in the company.

With ownership stock, you are building wealth and investing in your business without doing any more work. It’s an incredible way to increase your income year after year.

3. Revenue share.

By just having conversations and inviting agents to come work with us, you can earn a percentage of the company dollar from their production once they join.

We also believe in giving. We give 10% of the company dollar to the charity of your clients choice on every transaction. We’re on a mission to give more back to the community than we ever have before!

Does that sound like it fits your value? If so let’s talk.

We want to do a free strategy call with you with one of our team members.

They’re going to help you identify problem areas in your business and see if our model might be a good fit for you.

You have nothing to lose.
Reply to this message “LETS TALK” and I will get in touch to schedule a quick call.

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