Team Agreements

At CanZell, you as a team leader are in charge of determining the terms and conditions that your team members must agree to. Unlike other brokerages, YOU determine how much each team member pays you per transaction. The only condition we impose on how you run your team is that the Team Member Agreement must be in writing and every team member must agree to the terms and conditions you set for them.

How does an Unionized Team Work?

The only requirement for Unionized Teams at CanZell Realty is for the team leader to provide a roster of the agents on their team. 

The only reason for these unionized teams is for them to be able to share a name but not share a cap and close business individually  

The most important aspect of unionized teams at CanZell is that the team members will not be paying a reduced cap to the company (we will explain this in further detail in the next two sections), and instead will be treated like individual agents. This is important because agents on a unionized team are able to earn their full capping stock awards by paying their full 14k cap and will be eligible for the INFLUENCER Agent award for meeting the company requirements. 

As you can probably see, unionized teams are the easiest and hassle-free way to start or transition your current team or brokerage into CanZell Realty while keeping your current agent commission splits. 

How does the Standard Team work at CanZell?

For a standard team, CanZell Realty will reduce a team member’s annual company dollar cap by half. Team leaders will continue to pay a full cap. Team members with a reduced annual cap are not eligible to receive the “Capping Equity Award” or the INFLUENCER Agent Award, as paying a full cap is required for both. In order to qualify for a reduced team member annual cap, the following terms are required:

1. Team members must pay the team leader a minimum of 10% of their TGI earned on every transaction.

2. The team leader must have a written commission agreement with each team member. This written agreement must be approved CanZell Realty.

3. The team leader must sign a Team Leader Addendum.

4. Team members must sign a Team Member Addendum.

5. Team leader must provide a roster of all team members to ensure proper reporting as a team within CanZell Realty, and to be added on the team roster.

How do Mega Teams work at CanZell

Mega teams at CanZell Realty are teams that close 50 transactions combined as a team in the last 12 months. As we discuss further in this section, you will see why that part is important. Where mega teams and standard teams at CanZell Realty begin to differ is the reduced cap amount for your agents and the minimum annual production requirements to keep your team’s status.

Agents on a mega team will need to pay a reduced $3,500 to the company in brokerage splits to cap or “quarter-cap” at the company as opposed to the $14,000 half cap for agents on a standard team.

 This may seem like a positive, but keep in mind all agents paying less than a full cap at CanZell are NOT eligible for the INFLUENCER Agent Award and can not earn their cap back in company stock awards.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your revenue share will also cap at half of the standard annual caps for all agents paying an $3,500 cap. Because revenue share is paid to agents and team leaders by the company, a reduced cap for your agents will also mean a reduced revenue share for you as the team leader of a mega team.

How do Spousal Partnerships work at CanZell

A spousal partnership at CanZell Realty is a team of two legally married real estate agents performing as one according to the company. 

Under a spousal partnership both spouses will have one joint Brokermint account to upload contracts and track transactions, one cap of $14,000 each year, and each pay $50 for E&O and $50 for tech fee. 

As a spousal team you must name one spouse as the primary partner and the other as the secondary partner.  

Also, since a spousal team is essentially treated as one agent by CanZell Realty, they will both name one sponsor when they join the company and will act as one entity when sponsoring other agents to the company for their revenue share team, with agents naming the primary agent as their sponsor. 

Spousal teams are also granted the same abilities as an individual agent and can start their own self organized or standard teams anytime they choose granted they have all requirements as stated by CanZell. 

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