CanZELL empowers agents by providing cutting edge technologies to make the

Every agent is given their own unique lead generation website and CRM through KvCore. This allows you to send campaigns to your clients, generate leads online and much more.

Picking up new clients and keeping in touch with your current clients is vital, and that’s exactly what KvCore allows you to do!

Normally this would cost you $700 a month - this is provided at no cost for our agents!

canzell agents enjoy BrokerBuck, a proprietary, all-in-one back-office technology platform designed to simplify agent transaction management.


Not all realtors want multiple revenue streams, 100% commission, and technology that enables them to do more business. Working with us is best suited for people that work hard, want to take control of their future, and embrace new technology.

If you’re…


♦️    An agent living paycheck to paycheck


♦️    Paying enormous monthly fees


♦️    Wanting to increase your passive monthly revenue


♦️    Looking for ways to empower your team members


♦️    Starting your own brokerage


♦️    An agent that wants to take advantage of free technology

Then this is for you!


We are looking for more leaders, brokers, and producing agents across the nation who want to use their abilities to lead!

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