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As a Navy Veteran that transitioned into a real estate career, Canzell has been nothing but a true blessing to me!! The best way for me to describe my experience as a real estate professional is to say that I am “SPOILED”!!! I am able to be a part of a company that provides me with the best training, the best technology, the best leadership and an abundance of opportunities for us to excel as not only an individual but as a family! As an organization that allows me to be true to God and the clients that I serve with a never ending path in leadership, makes Canzell a place of limitless possibilities which molds and promotes trailblazing leaders!!

Tiffany Thomas


Working for Canzell for the last 10 years has literally completely changed my life!  This is truly the best the real estate company to work for!  I started working here right after the 2008 financial crisis and even in that environment I was as busy as you can possibly be as Canzell makes the phone ring in the best of times and the worst of times.  Through the years I have become one of the top sales people and managing broker and now I am the Principal Broker of the Hampton Roads, Virginia branch of the business.  The growth opportunities are endless and I am sincerely grateful for the opportunities I have had here.  When I started with the company I had a negative net worth and was living with my in laws and 10 years later I have the financial freedom that is the American Dream.  The skills and confidence I have gained here have been absolutely priceless! Truly blessed to work here!

John McLaren

Principal Broker

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