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Come learn about what makes CanZell Realty a disruptor in the real estate industry and what opportunities we have available to take your business to the next level! We will teach you all of our real estate secrets that you can immediately implement with your own systems!

You Will Learn:

How to get your systems in order

Before you start hiring people, you need to make sure you have all of your real estate processes and systems running like a finely tuned engine.

That way when you hire a new agent, you’ll offer them a solid structure to work from, and you’ll be able to plug the agent in and get him/her producing as quickly as possible. What’s the quickest way to do it!

We will tell you the 5 best systems we believe will be the only systems you need to run your business.

After the call, you can have a free personal consultation on how you can grow your business in the following areas:

No Obligation

We will discuss how CanZell offers one of the fastest-growing models in the real estate industry with innovative services like:

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100% Commission Plan

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Graphic Design

Post Cards


Social Media

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And More

What Makes Canzell different?

Canzell gives you the opportunity to do more


Canzell Realty is a full-service brokerage with all of the agent tools you need to bring home the most commission.

5 levels of potential income with 85% Company Dollar. Earn $11,900 per agent! Try our Revenue Share Calculator.

Ownership Stocks

Get up to $14K company dollar back each year in ownership stock!

Local Brokers In Each Territory

Some companies ONLY have 1 broker for the whole state. We believe you should have many brokers available to you when you need them.

Leadership & Coaching

Monthly, weekly, or on-demand. At CanZell, coaching is available to all our agents at NO COST.

Brand Yourself

Easily create self-branded marketing material in minutes with your picture, name, phone number and more, and when it comes to signs on your listings, you have control over how they will look.

Technology Tools

Custom built websites, scheduling software, on-demand training, accounting, custom marketing & more. Save thousands of dollars.

Giving Back

We donate 10% of company dollar to 10 charities per transaction. This is no cost to the agent!

Leads & Call Center

Receive referrals from our call center as they become available in your specified area and price point.

True 100% Commission Split

Our agents have the opportunity to earn 100% commission with a 14K cap nationwide no matter what part of the country you’re located in!

Health Insurance

Most real estate companies DON’T offer insurance for 1099 employees!  We aren’t like other companies, we offer better healthcare and concierge service.

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