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How Does CANZELL Realty Work​

CanZell Realty is a National Brokerage that continues to grow in every state each day! CanZell Realty is a national, virtual, hybrid real estate brokerage. We have taken over your traditional brick and mortar brokerages. Our corporate headquarters is in Virginia Beach, VA. Most of our agents work from home, the beach, coffee shops – or wherever they want! Our agents do have access to shared workspace lounges across the country. 

Our agents build their own businesses while having equity opportunities and rewards in the company. You can earn equity rewards of $250 of ownership stock after your first transaction! At CanZell Realty there are always opportunities for growth! We are not a franchise model so agents are able to build their own business using all of the technology and tools we provide them.


When was CanZell Realty founded?

CanZell was founded in 2011 by Chantel Ray. As of January 2021, CanZell has opened operations in 16 US states and still growing.

Is CanZell Realty Sustainable?

A question a lot of agents have when they come across CanZell Realty is if the company is sustainable. Because CanZell Realty gives so much back to agents with Revenue Share, stock compensation, and lead generation tools, many agents wonder if the CanZell Realty business model can last into the future.

Our revenue share model pays out 65% of the company dollar back to agents, 11% to leadership and 10% to the charity of the client’s choice, allowing for the other 14% go towards overhead, technology and profit. Because CanZell Realty has no physical brick and mortar offices, the overhead is substantially less than comparable brokerages.


kvCore offers a service where agents can purchase leads for only $3-15 per lead. kvCORE is an all-in-one solution that gives agents their own lead-generating website and back-end CRM database.

Starting + Monthly Fees


to join CANZELL


per month

What do the fees cover?

KV Core CRM & Website Platform
Every Canzell agent receives a free cutting-edge agent platform, kvCORE. This software offers agents a lead engine, web & IDX, smart CRM, listings, transactions, marketing autopilot, and business analytics.
SkySlope Transactions

SkySlope provides best-in-class solutions that work together seamlessly. Be equipped with the tools you need to work efficiently and provide the ultimate customer experience.

Automated Marketing Materials

We offer our agents industry-leading marketing materials that can be created within minutes. With Breakthrough Broker, you can create content for social media, flyers, door hangers, post cards, and more with a click of a button.

Slack is a messaging app for CanZell Realty that connects people to the information they need. Slack is something CanZell Realty uses for any announcements, trainings, posts by agents and the corporate team, and so much more! There is unlimited messages in search, external partners in channels and more!
Workplace by Facebook
Workplace is very similar to Facebook, however, it is a separate platform. Within Workplace, you have a news feed full of announcements, trainings, posts by agents and the corporate team, and referrals. You can join groups as well!
Agents who join CanZell receive a free membership to the shared workspaces within Regus local offices. Regus is a nationwide coworking space. Agents can pop in, use WIFI, grab a coffee, and take care of work in over 13,000 locations across the US.
CR University Virtual Training
Education is the key factor to anyone’s success. We provide live and on-demand training in our University Training Portal.
ListHub House Listing
With over 1 billion (yes, with a B) page views, ListHub helps you gain maximum exposure for your listings while ensuring that your data and privacy are protected and accurate. At Canzell, we offer ListHub to our agents to ensure that your listings get in front of the right customers.
Brokermint Transactions
Back-office automation with Brokermint drives your bottom line. Remove bottlenecks and move your brokerage forward from transaction management through commissions and accounting.
Brokerbuck CRM and Referrals
Introducing Brokerbuck – our in-house, proprietary, all-in-one solution for all of your real estate needs. Gone are the days of needing a separate software for every need. Brokerbuck is now your CRM, Transaction Management, Referral Network, and much more – all in one place!

Real-Time Support

One of the great things about CanZell Realty is the amount of leadership you have surrounding you. If you have a contract or broker question, you can go directly to your Broker. If you have a leadership or general question, you will go to your mentor, then your Circle Leader, then your Managing Partner and lastly your sponsor. They are all there to help answer all your questions to make sure you have a successful career at CanZell Realty.

Transaction Management

CanZell Realty provides dedicated transaction support specialists to ensure agents files are complete and accurate! As I said previously, with the use of SkySlope, agents can turn in documents for review and receive any feedback instantly. Once these documents are reviewed and accepted, the transaction coordination team will create the commission disbursement authorization form to ensure that the agents will receive their commissions soon after closing!

Agent Collaboration

In addition to CanZell Realty staff, brokers, and circle leaders, agents will find tons of support from other agents! Workplace and Slack are great tools that agents communicate with; agents have questions answered within minutes!

Are here In-Person Trainings?

Yes! Our Circles get together on a regular basis to do everything from training and mastermind events, to fun outings and team bonding!

Commission Splits + Fees

Only 5% brokerage fee
until you cap.

No franchise fees. 


commission split


annual cap

personal real estate

Selling Personal Real Estate Agents only pay a $395 Transaction Management Fee when buying or selling property in which they are on the title. They can do this up to 4 transactions each year in which they keep 100% of the ENTIRE commission.

When you join as an individual agent:

  • You will pay a full cap of $14,000
  • You will get $4000 back in stock rewards when you cap each year
  • You will qualify for the additional $10,000 back as an influencer if you obtain influencer status
  • You will receive $250 in stock rewards when you have your first closing and when anyone you sponsor has their first closing

When you join as a team agent:

  • You will pay a half or quarter cap based on which type of team member you are
  • You will pay your team leader a minimum of 25% to your team leader on every transaction
  • You will not be eligible for the $4000 back in stock awards when you cap
  • You will not be eligible for influencer status or influencer rewards
  • You will receive $250 in stock rewards when you have your first closing and when anyone you sponsor has their first closing

Let’s talk abut keeping 100% of your commission

Stock Awards

Revenue Share

Pay as little as $0 in net commission.

Rewards? We got ‘em.

Revenue Share

You can earn up to $9,100 on each agent downline each year! You will also receive a portion of the company dollar if any of those agents sponsor more agents. You will receive 10% of company dollar on Levels 2 and 3, and 10% on Level 4 and 5 once unlocked.

What is a L1A vs a L1PA?

As an agent, you are either an L1A (Level 1 Agent) or a L1PA (Level 1 producing agent Agent) to your sponsor based on your production. When you close your first transaction at CanZell, you will be counted as an L1PA for 6 months. After that, every  12 month period that you close 2 transactions, you will be counted as an L1PA for your sponsor for that 12 month period. If you did not meet those production benchmarks, you will be a L1A to your sponsor. 

What is a L1A vs a L1PA?

When an agent is in your base one, depending on how many active* agents you have under you, you will earn anywhere from 10% – 25% of the company dollar. If you have 1-4 active* agents, you will get 10% of the company dollar on any deal they close. If you have between 5-25 active* agents, you get 15% of the company dollar on any deal they close. And if you have 26+ active* agents you have sponsored, you get 25% of the company dollar they have closed. That means if you have 26 active agents, and one of them closes a transaction that has a TGC of $15,000 – you will get (20% of $15,000 is $3000) 25% of $3000, or $750, just from that closing.
*Agents must be producing. Agents are considered producing when they have closed a minimum of 2 homes in the last 12 months with our company. They need to close 2 homes at CanZell Realty in the prior 12 months to remain in producing status.

Is there a limit on how much you can earn?

There is no limit on how much you can earn! You can earn up to $3,500 from each agent you sponsor in your Level 1 and then you can earn an additional 5% on all other Levels! The earning potential is limitless!

How do you unlock Levels?

Levels 1 – 3 are automatically unlocked. In order to unlock levels 4 and 5 you must first unlock Tier Diamond.*

Once you sponsor your first agent, you are considered to be part of Tier Silver. In Tier Silver, you will receive 10% of the company dollar for each of the Agents closings until they cap. This Level payout is applicable when you have between 1-4 producing* agents within your sponsor.
Once you have 5-25 producing* agents in your Level 1, you are considered to be part of Tier Gold and your revenue share payout percentage increases to 15% of the company dollar on each transaction they close until they cap. 

Once you have 26+ producing* agents in your Level 1, you are considered to be part of Tier Diamond and your revenue share payout percentage increases to 25% of the company dollar on each transaction they close until they cap.

Revenue Share Willable

You can will your revenue share to an heir should you pass away or become incapacitated.

There are 3 items that must be completed for revenue share to be willable.

  • CR and the CR Broker for that state must approve the change in sponsor to the heir.
  • Must provide legal documentation from an attorney stating that the heir has the right to the revenue share and it falls within state and federal guidelines.
  • Heir must become a licensed agent with CanZell Realty within 3 months of the passing or incapacitation of the agent, and have their real estate license in active status with CanZell Realty for their state.


When joining CANZELL Realty, if you have closed less than 4 homes in the last 12 months, you will be assigned a mentor. This mentor will assist you through your first 4 closings. They will receive 25% of your agent portion of your commission for mentoring you.

Pick Your Sponsor

Your sponsor is the person that introduced you to CANZELL Realty. If you spoke with multiple people before deciding to join CANZELL you should name the sponsor that was the “procuring cause” or in other words, WHO WAS THE MAIN PERSON who helped you say YES! to our FAMILY at CANZELL.

Can I change my sponsor?

You have 30 days to change sponsors if there was an error. This is only for an error so make sure you check right away.


If you leave the company for at least six months, you can select a different sponsor upon your return to CanZell Realty.

Pick Your Sponsor

CanZell celebrates all our agents while highlighting those who achieve exceptional sales transaction numbers and exemplify our core values. We recognize agents by offering them the opportunity to earn Influencer status. Influencer status is reserved for those agents who cap and close 30 or more transactions during their anniversary year, teach a class, and operate in alignment with our core values.

When will I be recognized publicly as an Influencer?

Once you hit Influencer status, you will receive a social media post via email to post on your personal social media sites. We will also post a graphic and congratulations in the company internal Facebook page.

Can I apply production at my former brokerage to CanZell to help me achieve Influencer status?

When onboarding, you can present your last 12 months production from your previous brokerage to be granted Influencer status.

Can I pay the company commission cap upfront so I can become an Influencer faster?

Every agent must pay their cap by contributing 20% of their Total Gross Income per transaction. You are not able to pay more or out of pocket.

Circle Leader

I want exclusive rights to an entire state, how do I get that?

There are no exclusive rights to a state, which is a really great thing because everyone can sponsor agents in every state, growing their revenue share! 

Each state does have a designated broker, that oversees all agents and all Managing Broker’s in a state. They receive 3% of the company dollar of any circle they are the Managing Broker of, and 1% of the company dollar of any circle they are overseeing the Managing Broker. 

Circle Leader

If I am a circle leader, do I have to recruit every person in my circle, or will you send me people to add to my circle?

As a circle leader, you have the ability to sponsor and add as many agents to your circle as you want. If a recruiter or another agent sponsors an agent in your area, they will also send them to your circle.

Ready to jump in?

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