Principal State Broker

Job Description

As a Managing Broker you will have full access to administrative support for contracts and listings, cutting edge, custom-built technology (including your own personal KV Core website, as well as Showing Time, Brokermint, and List Hub Global), the support of a Managing Partner, discounted health insurance, ability to cap at $14k nationwide, and stock options.

Income will consist of multiple revenue stream with no limit to the potential earnings annually:

1) 3% Percentage of company dollar for all agents that you oversee plus an additional 5% available if you are also the Circle Leader totaling 8%.

2) Mentor Fees for coaching new agents (up to 10K a year back in ownership stock to Mentor)

3) Up to 31% revenue share for agents that you sponsor

4) Aggressive commission structure for your personal deals

5) Stock Ownership (planning on going live on the Stock Market 2022)

EARN $500 per agent YOU bring on board anywhere in the United States.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Attend weekly management meetings
  • Teach 1 contract class each week: contract training, stump the broker, etc.

Make the jump into your future

Florida | North Carolina | Virginia | Louisiana | Colorado | Tennessee | Illinois | New Jersey | Washington | Maryland | DC | Texas | Georgia | South Carolina | Montana | New York

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