Senior Web Developer #1

Job Description

Canzell Realty is a growth-stage virtual real estate brokerage looking for senior software engineers thirsty to pioneer scalable software solutions to problems in the real estate tech industry. Do you want to be the one to revolutionize real estate?

It’s a small and passion-driven team going full steam ahead into innovation and powerful technology.

As we continue to scale not only our solutions but our eng-org, we are looking for engineers who are ready to level-up and leaders who are ready to step-up; it’s the ground floor of something amazing.

A “Canzell Family of Can-doers” engineer (pronounced CanFam Engineer)…

  • Works with other engineers and NTs (non-technicals) alike to arrive at solutions to architecture, infrastructure, and user workflow problems.
  • Brainstorms great solutions and enrolls the rest of the team in the path forward.
  • Shepherds the products by taking ownership and investing in the big-picture.
  • Has a doctors note saying he or she has “servant syndrome” and is chronically compelled to serve clients, agents, other team members, and other departments.
  • Goes the second mile to push the entire team forward.
  • Consistently works to develop his or her self as much as he or she works to develop the products.
  • Isn’t afraid to get behind the vision and push it forward!

We offer our engineers

  • Powerful Apple equipment to tackle the job
  • Remote, hybrid, and local work environments
  • Opportunity to accrue ownership stock before we go public
  • Helpful tooling like Ngrok, Slack, Notion, and Trello for developer workflow
  • Work days dedicated to learning and continuing education
  • Lollipop days dedicated to your ideas seeing fruition
  • Code reviews that give crucial feedback and growth opportunity instead code blocking
  • Integration pipelines that let your code get into production faster
  • Paid time off, holidays, healthcare, and retirement plans

If you think you might be CanFam Engineer material, then please review the technologies below!

We work with the following key technologies on daily and are always adopting more:

  • PHP 8
  • Laravel 8
  • Microservice Architecture
  • Lambda Cloud Functions
  • Vue.js
  • Docker
  • GitLab CI/CD
  • Amazon Web Services (including S3, SNS, Lambda, API Gateway, EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, ECS, VPCs, DynamoDB, RDS, IAM, etc.)
  • Relational Databases

Still think you’ve got the grit, passion, and perseverance to be a CanFam engineer and invent industry leading solutions every day? Then what are you waiting for? Apply now!

Make the jump into your future

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