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Canzell Realty has a Revenue Share Plan that all CanZell Agents are automatically enrolled in which aims to pay out at its max approximately 85% of Company Dollar to Canzell Agents who help the Company’s sales grow by attracting fellow agents to join.

You will see Company Dollar mentioned several times and it is the percentage of GCI, 20% that the Company retains from commission earned on a Transaction.

For example, if the commission is 10,000 (GCI : GROSS COMMISSION INCOME) then the company dollar is $2000 until the agent is capped and goes to 100% commission.

What is Revenue Share?

Canzell Realty Revenue Share is a percentage of revenue that existing agents can earn for sponsoring new agents that generate revenue into the company. Every Canzell Realty agent is on a 80/20 split with the company. Upon the closing by a sponsored agent transaction a percentage of the company’s 20% goes back to the agent that sponsored them. The important thing to remember is that Revenue Share is paid by Canzell Realty from Canzells 20%, the “company dollar”. Revenue Share is paid out on every deal up until the agent caps for the year at which time no more company dollar is earned. The cap is $14,000 in gross commission income paid into the Canzell Realty. This totals $70,000 in total commissions. $70,000 x 20% = $14,000 paid into Canzell Realty. At this point, the agent is at 100% for the rest of the year until their cap resets. Once the agent’s cap resets on their anniversary with the company, Revenue Share starts back up all over again.

Revenue Share Example

A Canzell Realty agent can earn Revenue Share once they have recruited a new agent and that new agent has closed 2 transactions in a year. (considered a base level 1 producing agent) If the new Canzell agent recruits another new agent the original Canzell agent will receive an additional Revenue Share portion from the second recruited agent, known as level 2. This will continue until level 3.

Why is Revenue Share Important?

The importance of Revenue Share for real estate agents cannot be understated. Most agents work decades and don’t have much to show for it by the end of their career as most or all of the commission income earned over the years has been spent. Canzell Realty Revenue Share is different from most revenue share programs. When an agent decides to stop selling real estate, they will continue to earn income from the Revenue Share program. Revenue Share eligible agents still need to keep an active real estate license and have it held by Canzell Realty. Revenue Share is considered commission by the Real Estate Board and requires an active license in order for commissions to be paid in most states.

Who Can Earn Revenue Share?

Revenue Share can be paid to any real estate agent or broker who has sponsored/recruited an agent from outside the company and who has an active real estate license held by Canzell Realty. It doesn’t matter if you have been licensed for 1 month or 20 years. You can begin earning Revenue Share immediately. In most real estate brokerage models, a share of the earnings are only given to the broker-owner, franchise or regional manager, or paid recruiters and team leaders. Canzell Realty is not a franchise model and there are no territories for sale. Canzell Realty is nationwide.This means that not only can you earn Revenue Share from your recruited agents in the local area but from any agent that you have recruited nationwide. Also, there is no production requirement to earn Revenue Share.

Revenue Share Model Comparisons

There are a few other Revenue Share models that are frequently compared to the Canzell Realty Revenue share program. Several examples are listed below.

Other Profit Share Strategies

One of the most commonly compared models to Revenue Share is Keller-Williams profit share. Profit share is paid in a 7-tiered system, similar to eXp Realty but the major difference is that the money paid is off the bottom after expenses have been paid for that market center. The problem with this is two-fold. First, whenever you sponsor an agent, you are getting paid less per transaction because it’s based on profit rather than revenue. Second, every market center is independently owned and operated, meaning that profit is not even guaranteed. There are many circumstances where a sponsor may not earn any profit share for a sponsored agent if the market center is unprofitable.

Other Cloud-Based vs CanZell Realty

Another Cloud-Based brokerage is very similar to Canzell Realty’s Revenue Share program. The
biggest difference is that Competitive Cloud Brokerage caps out at $16,000 while Canzell Realty
caps out at $14,000. This means you get to the 100% commission structure that
much sooner. Competitive Cloud Brokerage also has a tiered system in which limits the amount of
income that can be earned.

Tracking Your Revenue Share

One of the best things about the Canzell Realty Revenue Share program is transparency. Canzell Realty has built a dashboard that tells you in real-time, exactly how much you have earned in Revenue Share throughout the month. Also, you can log in and see exactly how many agents you’ve attracted


Revenue Share Downline:

An agent’s Revenue Share Downline consists of the CANZELL agents he or she personally sponsors to join the Company and those CANZELL agents sponsored thereafter as a result of the agent’s original sponsorship(s). Level: Here is the hierarchy of CANZELL Agents that are sponsored in the downline beginning with the licensed agent. The Contractor and each group of CANZELL Agents , as follows:
Transactions that count: Any transaction that pays into company dollar will be eligible for revenue share. If an agent has capped for their anniversary year, or is conducting one of their four personal transactions for the year, revenue share will not be paid since the company dollar will be zero. Each agent is eligible to purchase or sell four transactions per year at 100% commission, so long as their name is on the deed. Any transaction will count that are the purchase or sale of property where one CANZELL agent represents a Seller or Buyer, the sale will be counted as one full credit sale to the CANZELL Agent. For example, some transactions might be done by 3 CANZELL agents, not all 3 will get credit. For example, if CANZELL agent “A” receives 75% of the total Contractor Dollar Amount on a Sale, then the Sale will be counted as a qualifying transaction. Otherwise, it does not qualify towards what is needed to achieve two full credit sales within the prior rolling 12 months to be considered as an L1PA.
Level 1 Producing Agent (L1PA): A Level 1 Producing Agent is a licensed agent who has been personally sponsored into CANZELL Realty and that has been active and productive with the Company during the prior rolling 12 month closing a minimum of two full credit sales. All L1PA’s have been directly sponsored by the agent. Revenue Share Eligible: For a contractor to remain eligible to collect revenue share, the contractor must meet the following requirements

Vested: Subject to certain qualifications and conditions above, a Contractor that is Vested in the Revenue Share Plan continue to receive benefits..

Revenue Share Eligible: For a contractor to remain eligible to collect revenue share, the contractor must meet the following requirements

Affiliate with a competitor of Company: For purposes hereof, “affiliates with a competitor of the Company” shall mean that the Contractor or Contractor’s spouse or partner is an individual proprietor, partner, stockholder, officer, employee, director, consultant, agent, joint venturer, investor, lender, or in any other capacity, alone or in association with others, owning, managing, operating, controlling or participating in the ownership, management, operation or control of, or working for or permitting the use of his or her name by, a residential real estate brokerage other than CanZell Realty.

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