Keep More Money?

YOU CAN sell more real estate.

You don’t have to build your business alone. We provide you with better technology, multiple revenue streams, and local leadership to help you exceed your real estate goals while keeping money in your pocket!

Do you want to know where to find the best leads?

What Would You Do With More Leads?
Is this changing market adversely affecting your business? What would five more quality leads mean for your business? Ten leads? 30 leads? What if you could get those leads without paying a fortune for them?

We Are Hiring!


We could be your brokerage for life

Rev Share Partner

Get 100% split once you cap…80/20 until you hit 14K. Earn RevShare on transactions of agents you sponsor & agents they sponsor for 5 levels.

Real Estate Teams

Get all of the tools for running a real estate team with all of the autonomy of doing it however you want.

Your Brokerage

Own an affiliate brokerage without any upfront fees or contracts of a brokerage while keeping stock, RevShare, and tech.

Retirement Wealth

How’s life after real estate? Pass wealth to your family while you are sitting at the beach sipping on a mojito.

Training for Life

Generate, convert, close and follow -up with more leads than ever before. Your one stop shop for training, trends, and hot topics of the real estate industry.

Attract Assist

A real estate transaction creates a great opportunity to try and attract the cooperating agent.

Attract Assist

A real estate transaction creates a great opportunity to try and attract the cooperating agent.


Canzell Realty’s business model is based on providing you with all the tech tools required for success. Including Commissions, Ownership Stocks, Revenue Share and more.

What is the UNFRANCHISE?

Receive all the benefits of our UNFRANCHISE, without the 5 to 10 year agreement, without upfront cost and without the headaches of a franchise. FAST TRACK your real estate business to SUCCESS!

See what else Canzell is up to...


Canzell Realty is a full-service brokerage with all of the agent tools you need to bring home the most commission.

5 levels of potential income with 85% Company Dollar. Earn $11,900 per agent! Try our Revenue Share Calculator.

Ownership Stocks

Get up to $14K company dollar back each year in ownership stock!

Local Brokers In Each Territory

Some companies ONLY have 1 broker for the whole state. We believe you should have many brokers available to you when you need them.

Leadership & Coaching

Monthly, weekly, or on-demand. At CanZell, coaching is available to all our agents at NO COST.

Brand Yourself

Easily create self-branded marketing material in minutes with your picture, name, phone number and more, and when it comes to signs on your listings, you have control over how they will look.

Technology Tools

Custom built websites, scheduling software, on-demand training, accounting, custom marketing & more. Save thousands of dollars.

Giving Back

We donate 10% of company dollar to 10 charities per transaction. This is no cost to the agent!

Leads & Call Center

Receive referrals from our call center as they become available in your specified area and price point.

True 100% Commission Split

Our agents have the opportunity to earn 100% commission with a 14K cap nationwide no matter what part of the country you’re located in!

Health Insurance

Most real estate companies DON’T offer insurance for 1099 employees!  We aren’t like other companies, we offer better healthcare and concierge service.

We hate hidden fees as much as you do

Yearly Fees

None. . Zip, zilch, zero, nada!!!


100% Commission!!!
80/20% until $14,000 cap is reached

Tech Fees

None. . Zip, zilch, zero, nada!!!

100% Commission Plan

Once capped after a 80/20 Commission Split on personal deals



100% Commission After Cap is Reached
(Spouses share ONE CAP)

Team members pay half-cap ($7000)

Larger team members pay quarter-cap ($3500)

Up to 85% of company dollar in revenue share

Getting Started is Easy

Canzell is equipped to get you into the real estate game quickly and easy. We also work with Teams and Spouses. Follow the one of the links to get more information.

New Canzell Locations


CR Cares is a 501(c)(3) public charity created to support CR associates and families in our local community who encounter sudden hardships, local churches, and faith based organizations to assist people in need and help them grow closer to God.

We are thrilled to provide our agents access to affordable, innovative healthcare choices. We are focused on our agents’ success and providing access to the best possible health care aligns with our strategy to prioritize our agents.

We strive to ensure CR Associates and their immediate family through hardship. We understand that life happens, and we want our associates to feel confident that, when things get tough, we are right there with them and thrilled to lend support.

CR Global Holdings, Inc. is the holding company for a number of companies most notably Canzell Realty. As a private-traded company, we offer realtors opportunities to earn equity awards for production and contributions to overall company growth.


Sneak Peak!

Canzell Training and Resources

Take a quick look at our training and resource center to see all of the perks you recieve immediate access to when joining Canzell Realty.

Live Chat through Slack

Workplace by FaceBook

Broker Led Rountables

Face to Face Meetings

Live Weekly Classes with National Speaker

Live Zoom Meetings

Calendar 1 on 1 Meetings

Text Admin for Fast Response

Virtual Webinars

Live Call

With The Most Incredible Support Staff, Brokers and Circle Leaders

Our managers and administrative support is like no other. We are available and responsive to each individual agent’s needs. From contract to close we are here every step of the way.

Built For Agents, By Agents.

Leads, leads, and more leads! Every realtor thrives on leads to be successful. We have partnered with over 20 top online lead generation companies in the industry to kickstart your business. Receive qualified buyers and sellers to build your pipeline. There is ZERO cost to sign up, and receive qualified leads from qualified states.

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